Have you visited our patisserie in Market Place, Dunmow?

  • Do you fancy a cup of tea and a slice of...?
  • Whose turn is it to do the cake run?
  • Would you like something for the weekend?

Whatever the reason, there's always time for cakes and treats.

Our patisserie is loaded with cupcakes, macarons, homemade cakes, fresh cream roulades, cheesecakes and many more yummy treats!

cupcake selection

So who needs a reason? Pop by and treat yourself today to one of our amazing filled cupcakes - over 30 flavours to choose from! Click on the name of the cupcake below for more details:

• All Lemon No Drizzle

Vanilla base filled with lemon curd, topped with lemon buttercream.

all lemon no drizzle cupcake
• Apple Crumble & Custard

Filled with a luscious green apple coulis topped with a custard buttercream, yum yum yum.

apple crumble and custard cupcake
• Apple Sinner

An apple coulis filled vanilla base supports the sin filled cinnamon buttercream that sits on top of this devilishly tasty little cake.

apple sinner cupcake
• Banoffee Split

A toffee filling topped with banana buttercream, flaked almonds a cherry and more toffee of course.

banoffee split cupcake
• Blue Raspberry

Filled with raspberry coulis and topped with a blue raspberry buttercream.

• Bubblegum

Complete with gumball on top!

bubblegum cupcake
• Cappuccino

Vanilla base filled with chocolate and topped with coffee buttercream and a sprinkle of chocolate. Don't wake up and smell it, wake up and eat it!

• Cherry Cola

Vanilla base with a duo of Cherry and Cola buttercream topped with a little popping candy for that extra fizz!

cherry cola cupcake
• Choc, Choc, Choc 'n' Rock

As the name says Chocolate cake, Chocolate filled, Chocolate topped and rocked off with marshmallows and more chocolate.

choc, choc, choc 'n' rock cupcake
• Chocolate Hazel-Nutter

A distant relation to Peanut butter Nutter (but between you and me this guy has seriously chocolaty issues) - a chocolate base filled with Belgian chocolate topped with a chocolate and hazelnut buttercream.

chocolate hazel-nutter cupcake
• Chocolate Orange Monster

Chocolate base filled with chocolate, topped with chocolate orange buttercream and crunchy orange crystals.

chocolate orange monster cupcake
• Chocolate Rum and Raisin

Rum and raisin infused chocolate base topped with chocolate buttercream.

chocolate rum and raisin cupcake
• Crazy About Caramel

Caramel filled topped with caramel buttercream, more caramel and a pecan.

crazy about caramel cupcake
• Cream Soda

Vanilla base with a Cream Soda buttercream.

cream soda cupcake
• Fairground Attraction

Filled with gooey, chewy marshmallow topped with a candyfloss buttercream. You will definitely be queuing for this rollercoaster again.

fairground attraction cupcake
• Fruits of the Forest

Fruity yum yum. Vanilla base topped with fruits of the forest buttercream.

fruits of the forest cupcake
• Lime after Lime

Chocolate base filled with chocolate topped with a lime buttercream.

lime after lime cupcake
• Luscious Lavender

This little vanilla based beauty wonít help you sleep but may help you drift into a state of ecs-tasty with the luscious Lavender buttercream.

• Maple Mountain

Filled with maple syrup topped with a pecan buttercream and chopped pecans. This little cake is definitely Rocky.

• Mint Choc Monster

Chocolate base filled with Belgian chocolate topped with a Mint chocolate buttercream and crunchy mint crystals.

mint choc monster cupcake
• Oh Beehave

A vanilla base topped with honey buttercream. Only for the naughty!

• Peach Melba

Our take on this classic dessert with a raspberry filled vanilla base topped with peach buttercream and more raspberry.

peach melba cupcake
• Peanut Butter Nutter

There ainít no nutter like a peanut butter nutter! Vanilla base filled with chocolate, topped with crunchy peanut butter buttercream and chocolate. Perfect for that 'I need a sugar fix' moment.

peanut butter nutter cupcake
• Pineapple Punch

Vanilla base with a powerful pineapple fondant. Don't be fooled by subtle looks, this little one packs a taste punch.

pineapple punch cupcake
• Raspberry Ripple

Raspberry coulis filling topped with raspberry buttercream.

• Rhubarb & Custard

Creamy Custard filled with Rhubarb buttercream swirled around a sugar flower.

rhubarb and custard cupcake
• Sour Cherry and Chocolate

Deep dark and delicious chocolate base filled with sour cherry topped with chocolate butter cream. There's no turning back from this forest.

• Stawberries and Champagne

Strawberry coulis filled, Champagne buttercream topped, who needs the bubbles!

• Take me to the A+P

Topped with apricot buttercream and ground pistachio, this little vanilla cake will certainly knock you out.

• The Front Rummer

Rum infused vanilla base topped with a coconut buttercream.

• Toffee Apple

A toffee tummy with an apple hat.

• Tropical Volcano

Creamy coconut buttercream hides away the taste eruption that awaits inside our mango filled volcano. Perfect for those Monday morning blues.

tropical volcano cupcake
• Turkish Delighted

Belgian chocolate swirls and a delicate rose buttercream tops this chocolate filled vanilla base that truly is a taste delight.

turkish delighted cupcake
• Vanilla Cola

Vanilla base topped with a duo of vanilla and cola buttercream, hey presto!

vanilla cola cupcake
• Vanilla Gorilla

Vanilla infused base topped with chocolate vermicelli coated vanilla buttercream. This cake won't give you the power to climb skyscrapers but it's definitely a chest beater.

Pop in to see what selection is available today or why not order one of our special collection boxes?

Dessert Collection

  • Apple Crumble and Custard, Rhubarb and Custard, Banoffee Split, Peach Melba

Carnival Collection

  • Fairground Attraction, Bubblegum, Cream Soda, Toffee Apple

Chocolate Collection

  • Choc Choc Choc n Rock, Mint Choc Monster, Chocolate Orange Monster, Chocolate Hazelnutter

Fruity Collection

  • Tropical Volcano, Fruits of the Forest, All Lemon No Drizzle, Raspberry Ripple

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