Would you like to know more about BakeWELL?

BakeWELL is all about fun, taste and naughtiness. Everything you want when you are treating yourself and others.

Our values are simple: Taste, Style and Fun.

Taste is the most important part, all too often you can buy a product that looks amazing but are disappointed with the flavour, all style and no substance.

So we make sure our treats not only 'walk the walk' but 'taste the talk' too. We are very passionate about what we do and love to have fun, from creating our ready-to-go treats to teaching others, everything is done in a fun and relaxing way.

In fact, if we could bottle our passion and add just a drop to everything we do, we know you will love it too. We call it the Bakewell Essence. Try for yourself and pop by for one of our tasty treats or book onto one of our courses.

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